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China to Construct Traceability Management Platform for High Priority Foods

  •   9 Jul 2018
  •    Yilia Ye
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    • China is embarking on the establishment of a national traceability management system for food and edible agricultural products. The system will be developed in collaboration with relevant NGOs and industry.

    On Jul. 3, 2018, China Ministry of Commerce announced a guideline on the establishment of a traceability management platform for high priority products, including food, edible agricultural products, drug etc.

    The traceability system will follow a specific hierarchy in which a top level national traceability platform controlled by the state will integrate data collected by provincial platforms, and other lower level systems. The platform will also allow integration and exchange of data form other government departments, industry and authorized third parties.

    Basic schematic of China’s National Traceability system:

    Reference link

    Ministry of Commerce announcement


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