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[Updated] GACC Releases the English User Manual for Overseas Food Manufacturer Registration Platform

Registration procedures for food manufacturers under different situations are clarified. The situation of different application status is explained.

Updated: The english version of this user manual can be found here or in the registration system.



Assorting with the upcoming implementation of “Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on the Registration and Administration of Overseas Manufacturers of Imported Food (Decree 248)” on Jan. 1, 2022, General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) launched the English site of Import Food Enterprises Registration Platform on Nov 25, 2021. (All You Should Know About GACC Decree No. 248 can be found here)

To further help companies complete the overseas food manufacturer registration, on December 2, 2021, GACC released a user manual to introduce system functions and explain the registration procedures.

Major Contents

l  Operating system and browser for registration

The user manual raised the requirements for computer’s operating system and the browser. It is suggested to use Google Chrome on Window 7 or 10 operating system.

l  Registration procedures for different applicants

According to the user manual, the registration procedure will be divided into three types:

  1. For food manufacturers only producing products within the 18 food categories, after Jan 1, 2022, manufacturers need to contact overseas competent authority first to get the account for this registration platform and fill in the application by themselves. The overseas competent authority will review the application before recommending it to GACC.

  2. For food manufacturers only producing products outside the 18 food categories, manufacturers can now log in the registration platform and apply for the account by themselves. After obtaining the account, they can fill in the applicaton and submit it to GACC directly.

  3. For food manufacturers producing both products within the 18 food catagories (e.g. dairy product) and outside the 18 food categories (e.g. biscuit), the manufacturer need to contact overseas competent authority first to get an account for this manufacturer registration platform. After obtaining the account from the authority, the manufacturer can fill in and submit application for dairy products and biscuit products.

微信图片_20211203172659.pngl  16 types of application statuses

The user manual also explains 16 types of different application statuses. Details are listed below.



Temporarily saved

The entered information is saved to the computer.

Submitted (to the competent authority)

The application has been submitted to the competent authority for review

Submitted (to Customs)

(1) The competent authority has recommended the enterprise's application to GACC. 

(2) The enterprise has submitted the application to GACC.

Recommendation rejected

The application is returned to the enterprise after being reviewed by GACC or the competent authority.

Sent to Customs successfully

System processing. Applications recommended by the competent authorities or submitted by enterprises have been successfully sent to GACC.

Failed to send to Customs

System processing. Applications recommended by the competent authorities or submitted by enterprises was not successfully sent to GACC due to network problem or other abnormalities.

Entered Customs database successfully

System processing. GACC received the data successfully.

Failed to enter Customs database

System processing. GACC failed to receive the data


The application has been accepted by GACC and will be reviewed


The application is returned because GACC doesn’t accept and won’t review it.

Supplementation and correction

(1) If the submitted application does not meet the requirements, GACC will return the application and request the enterprise or the competent authority to modify the application. 

(2) The competent authority returns the application and requires the enterprise to modify the application.


GACC rejects the application recommended by the competent authority or submitted by the enterprise.


If the overseas producer of imported food meets the requirements, GACC shall approve the registration application and grant Chinese registration number to the producer.


GACC revokes the registration in China of the registered enterprise.


GACC suspends the export of food products by the registered enterprise to China, until the registration requirements are met after rectifications.


If a registered overseas producer of imported food no longer conforms with the registration requirements, GACC shall request the producer to rectify within a specified period and shall suspend imports from the producer during this period. The producer shall complete the rectification within the specified period and submit to GACC a written report and a written statement confirming it conforms with the registration requirements.

For detailed introduction of system functions and others, please check the user manual for more info. For further translation or registration service, please email

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