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Japan Consults on Food Labeling Standard

Japan proposes to revise analysis methods related to nutrition labeling. Japan intends to add "wasabi" as a product with genetically modified label obligations.

On Oct. 27, 2021, Japan opened the amendment of the "Food labeling Standards" for public consultation. According to the amendment, Japan planned to revise the standards for the food nutrition labels and genetically modified food. Any comments can be submitted before November 26, 2021.

Analysis methods of food nutrition label

In view of the revised "Japanese Food Composition Standard Tables", Japan planned to make corresponding changes to the analysis methods of the food nutrition labels, such as the lipid determination method.

Genetically modified mustard

It is expected that foods derived from genetically modified mustard can be distributed in Japan if it passes the safety review by MHLW. As a result, "mustard" will be added to the target agricultural products for which genetic modification labeling is obligatory.

In addition, the Japanese agricultural standards for soy sauce have been revised in order to comply with international standards, and the Japanese agricultural standards for edible vegetable oils and fats are scheduled to be revised. Correspondingly the Food Labeling Standards will be revised as well.

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