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South Korea Passes the Revision of Food Additive Code and Functional Food Code

  •   28 Aug 2019
  •    Lennie Tao
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    • As revealed by the notices released on August 23rd and 26th, 2019, MFDS passed the partial revision of Food Additive Code and Functional Food. Here’s the content.

    Revision of Health Functional Food Code (MFDS Notice No. 2019-70)

    • International units were newly added to describe the daily intake of vitamin A, D and E. Eg: “3∼10 ㎍” was revised as “3∼10㎍(120~400 IU)”.
    • The daily intake of glucosamine was changed from “1.5~2g” into “1.5g”.
    • Residual solvent testing of evening primrose seed extract was revised.
    • Functional terminology permitted to be used on “garcinia cambogia” and "marigold" products was changed to “could” help to lose body fat.
    • Revision of the testing methods of glucosamine, catechin, etc.

    Revision of Food Additive Code (MFDS Notice No. 2019-71)

    • The component spec of six food additives
    1. The test method of pyroglutamic acid in the purity test of L-Glutamic Acid, Monoammonium L-Glutamate, Monopotassium L-Glutamate
    2. The test method of the confirmatory test, purity test, water solubility and quantitative assessment methods of Annatto, Cyanocobalamin and preservative preparations
    • The scientific name of natural source materials of 59 natural fragrances, e.g. Ambergris
    • The usage standard of 13 food additives
    1. The categories of “infant cereal products” and “other infant food” have been consolidated into a single category now named “infant auxiliary food”. 11 fortifier standards have been revised to align with the new categorization. They are Copper Gluconate, Manganese Gluconate, Zinc Gluconate, Ferrous Gluconate, Vitamin K1, 5'-Cytidylic acid, Disodium 5'-Cytidylate, 5'-Adenylic Acid, Disodium 5'-Uridylate, copper sulphate, zinc sulfate.
    2. The usage standard of 2 other additives has been revised namely potassium hydroxide and heme iron. Heme iron was deleted from the category of nutritional fortification and added into the category of food additive.
    • The test method of disinfection and sterilization in general tests
    • Materials required for the safety review shall be submitted when using processing aids in other purposes, e.g. materials for toxicity test, daily intake, etc..

    Reference Link

    Revision of Health Functional Food Code (Notice No. 2019-70)
    Revision of Food Additive Code (No. 2019-71)

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