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Taiwan Opens Beef Market to Netherlands, Sweden and Japan

  •   25 Jul 2017
  •    Yilia Ye
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    • Beef from Netherlands, Sweden and Japan will be permitted in Taiwan

    On July 17, 2017, Taiwan MOHW issued the requirements of importing beef and its products from Netherland, Sweden and Japan, indicating that beef imported from those countries will be permitted in Taiwan in the near future.

    Due to BSE (consumption of BSE infected beef associated with development of human variant CJD) Taiwan has set strict requirements on importation of beef. Previously only beef from America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, Paraguay, etc. could be imported to Taiwan, moreover, beef from America and Canada must come from cattle that are less than 30 months of age. In the latest announcement, strict rules are set as well for the safety of beef.

    As for beef from Netherlands, Sweden and Japan, the “Imported Requirements” stipulates that it is not permitted to import beef from cattle which poses a risk of BSE contamination. Besides, the cattle of imported beef from Netherlands shall be less than 12 months of age, and that from Sweden and Japan is required to be less than 30 months of age. In addition, all SRMs (specific risk materials) are forbidden to be imported, including skull, brain, eyes, spinal cord, viscera etc., as they carry higher risks of prion infection.

    In order to prevent BSE spreading and guarantee consumers’ safety, during the importation of beef, it must go through following procedures:

    1. Customs: check the declaration and documents that should be attached so as to confirm the products and certificates are in consistent.
    2. BAPHIQ (Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine (Taiwan)) and TFDA:
    • Review whether the document is complied with related requirements
    • Check whether the meat products come from qualified factories.
    • Sample inspection
    • Return or destroy unqualified products


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