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Taiwan Revises Health Food Nutrition Labeling Requirements

The latest amendment involves changes to mandatory nutrition labeling items, expression of nutrient concentration value, and data rounding rules.

On Nov. 7, 2019, Taiwan FDA announced the amendment to "Regulations on Nutrition Labeling for Prepackaged Vitamin and Mineral Tablets and Capsules", which applies to tablets and capsule food products containing vitamin and minerals as nutrient additives. The updated regulation has been effective since the date of promulgation, and the major revisions are listed below:

1. The format of health food nutrition labeling was revised.

The current regulation stipulates that the nutrition labeling of prepackaged vitamin and mineral products (in tablets or capsules form) shall consist of the following items in order through the form of table:
(1) Title of “Nutrition labeling”
(2) Per one serving (or per serving) and the number of servings contained in each package (new item)
(3) "Per serving (or per one serving)” and “daily reference value percentage”. (new item)
(4) Vitamin contents
(5) Mineral contents
(6) Other nutrients contents declared on package or voluntarily labeled by manufacturer

pic 1 format of Taiwan nutrition labeling

If the vertical form is insufficient to present all that information, it can be labeled in horizontal continuous form.

Prepackaged food products whose surface area is less than 100 cm2 can indicate nutrition information sequentially in horizontal table form

pic 2 nutrition labeling in horizontal table form

2. The expression of nutrient concentration value is revised

The concentration value of vitamin, minerals and other nutrients shall be expressed in Arabic numerals, and the label shall indicate daily reference value percentage provided per serving.

3. The unit expression is clarified

The units of vitamin and mineral indicated must follow those specified in Annex 1 of this regulation, and other nutrients excluded in Annex 1 can be expressed using the metric system or their common symbols.

4. Data rounding rule is revised

Daily percentage reference value shall be labeled using whole integers or integers with one decimal point.


  • Food enterprises do not need to amend the nutrition labeling if it has conformed to requirements stipulated in the previous regulation.

  • If the nutrition labeling is found non-compliant, the new one could be stuck to the package, but not cover other labeling items specified in “Food Safety Hygiene Management Law”

  • Nutrition labeling must be indicated on package or containers; labeling on additional product specification is not allowed

  • “维生素” must be expressed by Chinese characters and “维生素C” cannot be indicated as “Vit C” in nutrition labeling

Click here to see the complete English version of “Regulations on Nutrition Labeling for Prepackaged Vitamin and Mineral Tablets and Capsules”.

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