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An Overview of New Food Additive Applications in 2022

In 2022, China NHC approved 32 new varieties, proposed 46 new varieties of food additives, and accepted 72 applications of new food additives.

As a vital part of modern food industry, food additives generate an important impetus to the technical progress and innovation of the industry. In China, every year the industry witnesses an enormous amount of research effort on food additives, such as the feasibility study of new substances as food additives, and the expansion study of the scope and dosage of existing food additives. Meanwhile, with the regulatory support of Administrative Measures for New Varieties of Food Additives, food enterprises are able to apply for new food additives, so as to boost the development of themselves and China's food industry.

In order to understand the trends and hotspots of R&D on food additives in the Chinese market, ChemLinked reviewed the regulatory updates of food additives in 2022, from the three major links in the new food additive application process, namely, the acceptance, proposal and approval of the application. 

Notes: In China, new food additives include new substances and existing substances with expanded use socpe or dosage. Except for common food additives, enzyme preparations, nutrition fortifiers and processing aids are all regualted as food additives.

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