How to Leverage Traceability in Cross-border E-commerce

Florent Bouguin, Louis-Olivier Roy, OPTEL GROUP
Wednesday , 2nd Dec 2020

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The current pandemic crisis has accelerated the transformation towards more transparent supply chains. E-commerce consumers in China and other large export markets want transparency on what they buy. It underlines the importance of establishing a solid traceability system to provide real-time visibility.

Traceability is at the core of supply chain 4.0. Companies willing to make their product traceable faster will have a competitive advantage in this new economy.

Thanks to the emergence of traceability as a service (TaaS), this technology is now more accessible than ever for brands looking to differentiate and increase consumer trust in cross-border e-commerce.

In this webinar, you will learn how to choose the right traceability solution for your product. We’ll take you through every step of the journey to deploy reliable traceability in a cross-border supply chain.

Once you know what solution best fits your needs, learn how to leverage digital traceability to add value to your product in cross-border e-commerce by:

  1. Differentiating your brand as traceable and authentic in major e-commerce platforms in China, US and other countries

  2. Deploying your traceability dashboard to gather critical logistical data in real-time

  3. Using traceability as a powerful marketing tool in cross-border e-commerce


Part 1: How traceability is changing cross-border e-commerce

Part 2: The 3 levels of full digital traceability

Part 3: The step-by-step journey of a product using traceability as a service (TaaS)

Part 4: How to use traceability as a marketing tool

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    After completing graduate studies at Laval University, Florent worked as a system engineer for ABB in the space industry. Holding several technical and management roles for 15 years, he contributed to developing spaceborne analyzers for greenhouse gas observation, weather forecast prediction and ozone measurement. He joined OPTEL in 2016 as vice-president of engineering and operations. He is now Chief Technology Officer at OPTEL.
  • Business development, OPTEL GROUP
    With over 12 years of experience as an entrepreneur and consultant based in China, Louis-Olivier has built a strong background in international trade. Notably, he helped orchestrate the exportation and commercialization of various brands across Asia. His on-the-ground experience and passion for international business led him to act as a facilitator between Western and Asian companies in various industries, including food and beverage and technology. Now in charge of the business development for OPTEL GROUP, his knowledge of the Asia-Pacific market allows him to better help companies implement digital traceability in a way that directly adds value to their brand. As the “traceability technology evangelist”, Louis-Olivier promotes the benefits of digital traceability and support companies of all sizes to better leverage this powerful technology.
  • Founded more than 30 years ago, OPTEL is a global leader in traceability technology with a strong mission to create a better world through traceability. OPTEL's traceability platform helps bring transparency to brands across the world, including many top 500 companies. In November 2020, OPTEL won the award for ''Excellence in Digital Disruption'' by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Vision: A connected world, powered by OPTEL's Intelligent Supply Chain® (ISC) platform, that provides full transparency and optimized performance; earning the trust of customers, while encouraging social and environmental responsibility and accountability.