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82 Batches of Food Rejected by China Customs in May 2019

  •   27 Jun 2019
  •    Anne Peng
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    • GAC seized 82 batches of substandard foods imported from 19 countries/regions in May. Hygiene problems, food additives and expired foods were major issues.

    On June 25, General Administration of Customs released the list of non-compliant food products rejected by GAC during port inspection in May.[1] 82 batches of foods imported from 19 countries/regions had issues. Major categories of food rejected include cereal-based snacks, coffee and tea, and fruits, vegetables & their products.

    Cereal-based products, 40% failed due to hygiene issues

    Non-compliance itemBatches
    Hygienic index15
    Food additives6
    Nutrition fortifiers2

    Of all the 36 batches cereal-based foods, 15 batches failed to comply with hygiene standards, and 6 batches used food additives iron phosphate, sorbic acid and calcium chloride illegally. 2 batches of biscuits imported from England used magnesium as a nutritional fortified which is not allowed to be used in this food category in China. Gerber branded foods appeared in the list for the first time this year. Its biscuits contained the unapproved food additive iron phosphate.

    Australian modified milk powder rejected due to FOS

    HS codeProduct nameManufacturer Non-compliance reason
    401200000Full-fat fresh milkFramptons LimitedLack of supporting documents
    1901900000Lactoferrin modified milk powderHEALTHCARE PTYUse of unapproved nutrition fortifier FOS

    A batch of fresh milk from England was rejected as a result of lacking supporting documents, and a batch of Australian modified milk powder was rejected due to use of fructooligosaccharide (FOS). According to GB 14880 National Food Safety Standard for Using Nutrition Fortifiers, FOS can only be used in modified milk powder intended for kids and pregnant/lactating women and the maximum limit is 64.5g/kg.[2]

    All the foods in the blacklist were returned or destroyed at port.

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