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China CFDA Releases Administrative Measures for Food Safety in Trade Fairs (Exposure Draft)

  •   9 Jun 2017
  •    Yilia Ye
  • 1328


  • The draft of Measures for Food Safety in Trade Fairs in China is open for public comment until July 8th 2017.

The Administrative Measures released by CFDA concerns the obligation of fair organizers, venue suppliers, food manufacturer, legal liability, supervision method etc. For food manufacturers and marketers, following food is forbidden in the trade fairs:

  • Food forbidden by law
  • Raw aquatic products, raw meat and salad without package
  • Food without legal or clear origin

If imported food is sold in a trade fair, Certificate of Inspection and Quarantine of Inbound Goods for the corresponding batches is required. For food without the Certificate but with a clearance voucher, it could only be exhibited in the trade fairs. No selling, presenting or tasting is allowed.

Please click here for the detail of the Administrative Measures

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