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China Consults on National Food Safety Standard Enzyme Preparations for Food Industry (GB 1886.174)

The draft mainly revises the requirements for the auxiliary materials for enzyme preparations, the measuring methods of enzyme activity, etc.

China’s National Standardization Center of Food & Fermentation is now opening the revisions to GB 1886.174 Enzyme Preparations for Food Industry for public feedback.1 Any comment shall be sent to prior to October 16, 2021.

Main Revisions Compared to the Effective 2016 Version

1. Definition and terminology

  • The definition of enzyme preparations is revised. Referring to the definition by the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA), this draft specifies that a commercialized enzyme preparation may contain one or more active enzyme components.

  • The definition of enzyme activity is simplified.

  • The terminology and definition of secondary food additive and immobilized enzyme preparation is newly added.

2. Requirements for raw and auxiliary materials

The requirements for permitted secondary food additives and immobilized carriers for immobilized enzyme preparations are ruled.

3. Product requirements

  • The requirement for enzyme activity value is changed from “should be 85%~115% of the labeled value” to “no less than 85% of the labeled value”.

  • The test method for measuring the maximum contaminant level of total Arsenic is newly added.

  • The limit of Escherichia coli is changed to “less than 10 CFU/g in solid preparations or less than 1 CFU/mL in liquid preparations”. Corresponding test method is revised to plate count method specified in GB 4789.38 National Food Safety Standard Food Microbiological Examination for the Counting of Escherichia Coli.

4. Other requirements

The reference standards for measuring enzyme activity are increased to cover 18 enzyme preparations.

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