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China Food Contact Materials Updates in 2024: CFSA Consulted on Four New Food-related Products

This article tracks and collects the updates on China FCM substances in 2024. Latest update: On January 3, 2024, China CFSA consulted on four new FCM substances, including two new FCM additives and two new FCM resins.

Ensuring the safety of food contact materials (FCM) plays a key part in China's efforts on achieving a food-safety society, as some hazardous substances are likely to migrate from food packaging and containers to food products and pose potential risks to human health.

China adopts the positive list system for FCM substances. In addition to the FCM substances included in the current standards, China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment (CFSA) and National Health Commission (NHC) proposes and approves new FCM substances from time to time. This article tracks and collects the updates on China FCM substances, including newly proposed and approved substances:

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