China Infant Formula: CFDA Finalized Labeling Requirements for Infant Formula Recipe Registration

  •   26 May 2017
  •    Rachel Shen
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  • The labeling requirements for infant formula recipe registration have been finalized, which revise the requirements for content claims and functional claims, and impose stricter requirements for product name and goat milk powder.

On May 25, 2017, China CFDA released the finalized version of “Technical Guidance for Labeling of Infant Formula Recipe Registration” (see the final version from here), which becomes effective on the day of announcement. The finalized translated version of this regulation will be available on Chemlinked soon.

In this revised regulation, more requirements are imposed regarding the product name:

  • No exaggerated or absolute words or expressions are allowed, e.g. premium, upgraded, etc.
  • No words or expressions that indicate the preventive, curative or healthcare functions can be used, e.g. intelligence improvement, fortifying health, etc.
  • Other words or expressions that may mislead the consumers are also prohibited, e.g. maternal affection, etc.

Content claims and functional claims:

Content claims and functional claims that are allowed to be made according to GB 13432 can be indicated on the non-principal display panel in text format. The principal display panel shall include the information of product name, specifications (net content), registration number, as well as the registered trademark.

Any authorizations and certifications can also be labeled on the non-principal display panel with the copies of relevant authorizations and certifications provided. The product traceability information, warning information or after-sale service information is optional for labeling.

Goat milk powder:

It is stipulated that if a product name includes animal source like goat or cow, the animal source of raw materials such as raw milk, milk powder and whey protein should be indicated in the ingredient list as well. If the raw materials used are derived from two animals, the percentage of raw materials from cow and goat should be marked in the ingredient list.

If the product name refers to goat milk powder, both the raw milk and milk powder should be derived from goat. It shall not be named as goat milk powder if the raw milk or milk powder is derived from two different types of animals.

Reference link

China CFDA No. 66 Announcement

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