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India Updates Infant Milk and Bakery Product Regulations

  •   3 Apr 2018
  •    Giacomo Cirillo
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    • India FSSAI updated infant milk substitute and bakery products GMP provisions.

    On March 22nd, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India announced the third amendment to the Food Safety and Standards (Food Standards and Additives) Regulations concerning Infant Milk and Bakery Products.

    In particular, in ready to drink infant milk substitute, lecithin and ascorbyl palmitate may be used up to “a maximum limit of 0.5 gram./100ml., and 1mg./ 100ml. respectively.”. As for bakery products, biscuits and bread may contain baker’s yeast under Good Manufacturing Practices.  During the recent 11th meeting of the China-India Joint Group on Economic Relations, Trade, Science and Technology, India and China signed 101 worth 2.38 billion dollars trade agreements on products like black tea, castor and peppermint oil, coconut fiber, raw coffee beans and others.

    Reference link

    FSSAI Gazette notification of Food Safety and Standards (Food Product standards and Food additives) first amendment Regulations, 2018

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