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Japan Revises Food Additives Standard

  •   6 Dec 2018
  •    Yilia Ye
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    On Nov. 30, 2018, Japan MHLW announced the revision to “Food and Food Additive Specification Standard”, which mainly includes following 2 items:

    • The updated standard adds the new sources for β-galactosidase and fructosyl transferase.
    EnzymeNew source
    β-galactosidaseCryptococcus laurentii
    fructosyl transferaseAureobasidium
    • Regarding the use of aluminum ammonium sulfate and aluminum potassium sulfate, the maximum limits of aluminum in pastry/bread are added.
    Food additiveApplication scopeMaximum usage
    aluminum ammonium sulfatepastry/breadLess than 0.1 g/kg
    aluminum potassium sulfatepastry/breadLess than 0.1 g/kg

    The announcement came into effect on the date of publication, however, the usage of aluminum ammonium sulfate and aluminum potassium sulfate can still refer to the previous standard within 1 year.

    Reference link

    MHLW No. 407 announcement

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