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NHFPC to Integrate National Food Safety Standard System

  •   20 May 2014
  •    Daisy Suo
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    food safety standard

    To facilitate an integrated national food safety standard system according to Food Safety Law, China’s NHFPC has recently established the “Plans for National Food Safety Standards Integration, 2014-2015”. 

    I. Objectives

    It is expected that by the end of 2015 the standards will be fully set up, meeting both international standards and domestic conditions.

    II. Tasks                

    The work will be carried out based on the existing food safety standards, such as Limiting Chemical Contaminants in Food (GB 2762-2012), Limit of Pathogen in Foods (GB 29921-2013) and Maximum Residue Limits for Pesticide in Food (GB2763-2014), and will be implemented in light of directories of specific type of standards as well. ”

    i. Safety standards for food ingredients and products                  

    Priorities will be placed on standards for safety indicators and quality indicators that have not been covered under the current food safety standard system. Standards lacking scientific foundation will be rescinded. Also, standards of food terminologies and specifications that are corresponding to basic safety standards will be gradually developed.  

    ii. Specification standards for food additives and nutritional fortification substances                 

    Existing specification standards for food additives, food nutrient supplement, food flavorings and processing agents will be further integrated in accordance with Standards for Uses of Food Additives (GB 2760-2011) and Standard for Uses of Nutritional Fortification Substances in Foods (GB14880-2012).

    iii. Standards for health foods and foods for special dietary uses               

    Standards for infant formula, foods for special medical uses and health foods for populations are included in the plan.

    iv. Standards for food-related products               

    Current standards for food containers, packing materials and other food-related products will be integrated into general standards for food-related products.

    v. Hygienic standards for food manufacture and distribution                 

    Firstly, safety requirements for manufacture of foods in key categories will be formulated. Secondly, hygienic standards for food manufacture and distribution will be laid out in line with those for food safety and general safety. Thirdly, manuals on key risk factors will be created as feasible technical guidance for food manufacturers and operators.

    vi. Testing methods and procedure standards               

    A system of testing methods and procedure standards will be built upon related food safety standards, which include physicochemical testing, microbiology testing, toxicology testing and assessment, parasitological testing, etc.

    vii. The working plan for maximum residue limits and testing methods for pesticides and veterinary drugs will be otherwise arranged.            

    Reference Links

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    Framework of National Food Safety Standard System

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