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Spanish Infant Formula Analac Was Blacklisted in China’s Market Spot Check

During post-market inspections conducted by SAMR the concentration of Vitamin D contained in Analac stage 2 infant formula milk powder was shown to be inconsistent with the value indicated on its package. This violation of national standards will result in more stringent inspection of all Analac products during subsequent importation.

On Oct. 29, 2019, China SAMR announced that 5 batches of food products were found non-compliant during market sampling inspection, one of which was Analac stage 2 infant formula milk powder manufactured by INDUSTRIAS LACTEAS ASTURIANAS (Spain). After laboratory testing, the Vitamin D contained is 0.318 ug/100 kJ, which is inconsistent with the value indicated on its package (0.43 ug/100 kJ). With reference to GB 7718-2011, authenticity and accuracy is the basic requirement for pre-packaged food labeling.

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