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Taiwan to Revise Labeling Requirements for Medical Foods

  •   22 Feb 2016
  •    Rachel Shen
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    On Feb. 18, 2016, Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) preannounced the revision of labeling requirements for foods for special medical purpose, which will be put into force from Jul. 1, 2016 after 60 days’ public consultation.

    The main changes are summarized as below:

    1. It should be indicated on the label that “this product falls under the category of food for special medical purpose, and is not suitable for the consumption by people in good health and should be consumed under the guidance of doctors or dieticians” or sentences with equivalent meaning, which should be highlighted in bold font with bottom color.

    2. Food containing protein that provides the basic energy and nutrients for patients shall be exempted from the labeling of “this product should not be consumed alone for balanced nutrition”.

    3. As table salt with low sodium content and soy sauce low in sodium are not intended for supplying nutrients to patients, they shall not be regulated as foods for special medical purpose, and relevant labeling requirements shall not be applied.

    Reference link

    TFDA Announcement

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