China’s Juice Sector: Market Insights and Regulatory Challenges

China’s new retail systems and prioritization of domestic consumption as a key driver of the economy combined with its growing fascination with healthy living are providing fertile ground for growth in the fruit and vegetable juice niche of its beverage sector.

Trends and Innovation in China’s Juice Industry

The 21st century has witnessed the ups and downs of the juice industry: downs for conventional juice from concentrate (FC) and ups for juice not from concentrate (NFC) and cold pressed juice (also known as high pressure pasteurized/processed juice). Noteworthy case studies which highlight important changes in China’s juice sector are the 2015 performances of Meizhiyuan and Chunguole, two large manufacturers of FC juice, which both experienced drops of 32.4% and 11.6% in sales. Despite the dispiriting performance of FC, an overall annual growth rate of 5% for China’s juice sector has been projected by Zenith International.

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