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AQSIQ Opened Implementation Rules on Food Related Product Sampling for Public Feedback

  •   17 Feb 2018
  •    Yilia Ye
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    • 24 types of food related products including plastics and rubber materials will be subject to new sampling requirements according to the draft implementation rules. Small enterprises are the focus of production inspection in 2018.

    On Jan. 16, 2018, China AQSIQ opened the draft version of “Implementation Rules on Food Related Product Sampling” to public consultation. These implementation rules cover 24 types of products in 11 categories.



    1. plastic materials

    1.1 plastic film materials

    1.2 plastic container

    1.3 plastic tool

    2. rubber materials

    2.1 nipple

    2.2 rubber materials and articles for food contact use

    3. paper materials

    3.1 paper and paperboard for food package use

    3.2 paper container for food contact use

    4. bamboo and wood materials

    disposable chopsticks

    5. glass materials

    5.1 glass wine bottle

    5.2 food bottles

    5.3 glass utensil for food contact use

    6. ceramics material

    ceramics for daily use

    7. metal materials

    7.1 metal utensils and tool for food contact use

    7.2 pressure-cooker

    7.3 metal cap for food contact use

    7.4 metal can for food contact use

    8. food machinery

    8.1 food processing equipment (electric heating) for commercial use

    8.2 food processing equipment (electromotion) for commercial use

    8.3 industrial food processing equipment (electromotion)

    8.4 industrial food processing equipment (electric heating)

    8.5 household food processing equipment

    9. detergent

    tableware detergent

    10. disinfector

    disinfector contacting food

    11. composite material

    Al compound packing film, bag for food use


    • Inspected enterprises

    Data shows that 71 large-scale, 501 medium-sized and 1798 small enterprises were inspected in 2017 (representing 3.0%, 21.1% and 75.9% respectively). Therefore, it is anticipated that small enterprises will still remain the focus of product inspection.

    • Reference standard

    Mandatory and recommended food safety standards are 2 major types of references for product inspection. Mandatory standards mentioned here can be mainly divided into product and testing standards. Detailed reference standards are listed in inspection implementation rules for corresponding products.

    • Inspection requirements

    There are 2 types of inspection items, which are quality item A (extremely important) and quality item B (important). The referenced regulation and testing standards for each item are all listed. If the quality requirement indicated is different from that in mandatory standards, then the stricter one shall be followed.

    Only when all items are inspected compliant, can this product be deemed as qualified. In addition, it is considered a serious violation if a quality item A is found unqualified.

    Reference link

    AQSIQ announcement

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