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China to Strengthen Tea Quality Control

  •   17 Apr 2017
  •    Rachel Shen
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    • It is announced by CFDA that tea quality control will be intensified, and stricter measures will be taken for raw material control, delivery inspection, label standardization, etc.

    On Apr. 7, 2017, China CFDA announced it will further strengthen tea quality control specifically production licensing, regular supervision, sampling inspection, etc.

    Tea manufacturers are required to establish a product traceability system according to “Provisions on Establishing Food Safety Traceability System for Food Manufacturers and Traders” (see CL news report on Apr. 6, 2017), including recording the sources of raw materials, establishing supplier directory, etc. Pesticide residue, contaminants, colorants, etc. of raw materials should be tested for when necessary, especially for non-food raw materials which are often used illegally such as lead chrome green, malachite green and Sudan Red. Detailed requirements on quality control of raw materials, production process, product delivery inspection, etc. are specified in the “Detailed Rules for Examination of Tea Production Licensing”.

    Delivery inspection should be carried out according to GB 2763-2016 National Food Safety Standard Maximum Residue Limits for Pesticides in Food and GB 2762-2012 National Food Safety Standard Maximum Levels of Contaminants in Foods for pesticide residue and contaminations respectively, with special focus on the inspection of dicofol and fenvalerate as well as lead. No food additive is allowed to be added during tea production in accordance with GB 2760-2014 National Food Safety Standard Standard for Uses of Food Additives.

    Chinese Labels of pre-packaged tea products shall comply with GB 7718-2011 General Standard for the Labeling of Prepackaged Foods.

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