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Fujian Province Implements New Food Traceability System

  •   2 Mar 2018
  •    Giacomo Cirillo
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    • Fujian Province will implement a traceability system for 11 food categories including grains, livestock and poultry, vegetables, and others.

    On March 1st, “Administrative Measures for Fujian Food Safety Information Traceability”entered into force. According to this regulation, Fujian Province will adopt a traceability management system for 11 different food categories. The literal translation of the type of system Fujian will use is “One product One Code” and will utilize a system in which each product is given a unique identification code. The 11 categories of food are:

    • Grains and grain products
    • Livestock and derived products
    • Poultry and derived products
    • Vegetables
    • Fruits
    • Aquatic Products
    • Bean products
    • Dairy products
    • Cooking Oil
    • Salt
    • Other provincial specialties and other types of food and edible agriculture products.

    Food operators providing false traceability information will be fined up to 20 thousand yuan.
    The “Administrative Measures” follow similar provincial regulations on food traceability, like the ones adopted in Shanghai and Hubei Province (Chinese) marking another step towards a nationwide food traceability system

    Reference link

    Administrative Measures for Fujian Food Safety Information Traceability full text (Chinese)


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