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GAC Issues Customs Risk Warning on 900+ Importers and Appends Customs Blacklist

  •   30 Dec 2018
  •    Anne Peng
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    • On Dec. 26, GAC released lists of manufacturers, exporters and importers of food and cosmetics which have poor customs clearance track records marred by product safety and compliance violations. China’s importer/exporter credit rating mechanism is based on a system which requires serial violators which have accrued several product compliance or safety violations to be managed in proportion to the severity and total number of violations. Increased compliance requirements for those enterprise can include mandatory submission of testing reports or certificates for all consignments.

    321 overseas manufacturers, 321 exporters and 321 importers engaged in imported food and cosmetics business have been publicly warned for safety or compliance issues during trade activities discovered during customs clearance. Over one fifth of these enterprises became new additions to the GAC risk warning list this year, joining the ranks of the other enterprise who have been present on the list for extended periods of time.

    Overview of Risk Warning List

    Introduction of Administrative Rules on Import Entities with Poor Track Record

    According to the rules (click here to download Chinese version) drafted by former AQSIQ, overseas food manufacturers, exporters, domestic importers would be subject to more stringent supervision if their food products exported/imported into China are found to be substandard on two or more occasions (refer to Figure 1). GAC, which took over duties previously designated to the now disbanded AQSIQ is now responsible for managing the list and assigning proportionate supervision and enforcement.
    Figure 1: risk warning management of enterprises with poor record

    Conditions for risk alertAdditionally required documentation for import next time
    Type of non-compliant itemsVarieties of productsVarieties of non-compliant itemsNon-compliant batches
    Sanitary item11≥2test report of non-compliant items
    1≥2≥4test report of all items of the non-compliant product
    ≥2≥2≥8test report of all items of all products
    Non-sanitary item11≥3test report/supporting materials of non-compliant items
    1≥2≥6test report/supporting materials of all items of the non-compliant product
    ≥2≥2≥12test report/supporting materials of all items of all products
    Other safety risktest report/supporting materials of designated items of certain products.

    Sanitary items: non-edible additives, prohibited substances, biotoxin contamination, the use of food additives being out of level, microorganism contamination, pollutant, GMO ingredients, pesticide and veterinary drug residue, irradiation
    Non-sanitary items: unqualified package, non-compliant label, quality, harmful organism, unqualified certificate, others.

    To remove their high-risk status an enterprise must not be involved in any safety problem for a minimum of 6 months as stipulated in the rules.

    Reference Link

    GAC risk warning list—overseas manufacturers
    GAC risk warning list—exporters
    GAC risk warning list—importers

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