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Monthly Digest: China Food Sector in Oct 2019

  •   1 Nov 2019
  •    Jocelyn Sun
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    Products Launched

    1. Mead Johnson confirmed the introduction of its A2 protein infant formula, it is the company's first A2 protein milk powder product, which has been launched on major online cross-border e-commerce platforms since the start of October 2019.

    1. Coca-Cola has launched a range of hot drinks which are suitable for winter, including Georgia milk tea, Georgia latte, Minute Maid fruit beverage (grapefruit), Pu'er tea.

    1. Qiaqia (洽洽) launched a New Year's gift box called "Gift" (礼) on its Tmall flagship store. This is the first enterprise to layout its product range for 2020. The original price was 238RMB per box, each containing 17 packets of nuts.

    1. Mengniu added a new brand in its official website named “Zhenjian”(甄简), this brand will aim at precision nutrition, but at present, it is still in the early stages of development.

    Industry Focus

    1. Mengniu dairy has suspended all commercial cooperation with the NBA since October 8, the company stated on its official Weibo account. Master Kong ice tea also clarified on its official Weibo that it has suspended all marketing activities and promotions related to the NBA and will immediately investigate all cooperation projects involving the NBA.

    1. China Chamber of Commerce of I/E of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-products (CFNA) published wine importation data. It reported that from Jan. to July, wine imports reached 370 million litres.

    Company Dynamics

    1. On October 14, By-Health signed a strategic cooperation agreement with New Zealand's Fonterra to conduct extensive cooperation in milk protein and specific probiotics.

    1. According to Yashily's announcement, New Zealand dairy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yashily, entered into a service agreement with Milupa, and accordingly, New Zealand dairy agreed to provide processing services for sheep/goat milk powder to Milupa from time to time during the term of the service agreement.

    2. Citrosuco plans to launch the Brazilian blood orange juice called "Mombuca" in China in the future. Before the official launch of the new product, Citrosuco are preparing to discuss and develop details, for example, how to use the oxygen-free packaging to prolong the shelf-life of the product.

    Regulatory Compliance

    1. October 8, MOARA, NHC and SAMR jointly issued the "National Food Safety Standard Maximum Residue Limit of Veterinary Drugs", which will enter into effect on April 1st, 2020.

    2. Oct 11, 2019, GAC released the list of non-compliant food products rejected during port inspections in August. 90 batches of foods imported from 22 countries/regions failed mainly due to expiration, quarantine and credentials issues.

    3. Oct. 11, 2019, SAMR finally released the official version of FSMP (food for special medical purposes) clinical technique guidelines which include FSMPs for diabetes, kidney and tumour diseases.

    4. Oct 16, 2019, GAC issued announcement No.156-2019 about inspection and quarantine requirements of imported Vietnam dairy products, kicking off importation of Vietnam dairy products.

    5. October 25, 2019, SAMR published the third consultation draft of Administrative Measures on the Review of Health Food, FSMP, Drug and Medical Devices Advertisements and sought public opinion.

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