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[Updated] GACC Manufacturer Registration Platform Now Supports the Application of Alteration Registration

[updated] GACC overseas food manufacturer registration platform released a new function today, which supports the application of alteration registration. Manufacturers can now log in the system to add more products, etc.



Assorting with the upcoming implementation of “Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on the Registration and Administration of Overseas Manufacturers of Imported Food (Decree 248)” on Jan. 1, 2022, China released the Import Food Enterprises Registration Platform on Nov. 1, 2021, which only supports Chinese at that time.

On Nov. 25, 2021, GACC launched the English site of Import Food Enterprises Registration Platform.

How to Get Access to the English Site

Method 1: Visit to get access to the system and choose the language of English.

1-18.pngMethod 2: Compared to the system launched on Nov 1, 2021, the access to the updated system is moved to a separate module. Visit and click the banner “China Import Food Enterprise Registration” in the red box.


 Then it will jump to the page shown in Method 1. Choose the language of English and sign in.


How to Fill in the Information

Step 1: Click the button “Application for register”.


Step 2: Choose the food category and subcategory of products that are being exported to China.


Step 3: Finish the registration page.


Introduction of Basic Functions

1. How to find your food category and its corresponding registration method?

Click the button of “Product type query”. Then input the HS Code of your product and click ”Query”. If the word “NO” appears under the “Officially Recommended Registration” column, it means enterprises need to apply for the registration by themselves or by agents.


 2. How to check the approved registration number?

Click “Integrated query” and then “application form query”. Choose the application type (e.g. registration application) and click “query”. If the application is approved, registration number will be shown below.


3. How to revise user information?

Click “应用 (application)” and then “用户管理 (user management)”. (The language of this step is still in Chinese. We assume the system will be further optimized.)


In this “user information management” page, applicants can modify the information related to password, phone number, contact person, etc.


For detailed operation instructions, ChemLinked will launch a demo to help applicants to fill in the information. Please stay tuned with us.

You can also view ChemLinked webinar for more info related to GACC overseas food manufacturer registration and the requirements specified in Decree 248: Prepare for China’s Overseas Food Manufacturers Registration Under New GACC Requirements.

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