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South Korea Launches Automatic Labeling System

South Korea rolled out an automatic labeling system to help enterprises better understand food labeling items.

MFDS introduced the automatic labeling system "Food Label Bot" on January 19, 2021. This system is designed to assist enterprises in producing the food labels efficiently. After inputting the essential information, the system will provide an example of the food label. At present, this system can render food labels of 130 food categories.

Enterprises can access the system via FoodSafetyKorea platform [1]. The initial screen is shown as below:


(Figure 1. Initial screen of "Food Label Bot")

­The enterprise needs firstly select the food type and the package type. Take “potato chip bag” for example, we can select the food type as “snack/bread/rice bread (과자류, 빵류 또는 떡류)”, and the package type as “bag(봉지)”. Then the required items on the main display side and the information side will be presented as below:

F2.png(Figure 2. Required items on the main display side and the information side)

An example of the food label will be released after all the information is filled in the system.

f3.jpg(Figure 3. Food label example, produced by Food Label Bot) 

ChemLinked Note

This automatic labeling system brings convenience to the food industry. However, as indicated by MFDS, the label produced by the system cannot be seen as a final version. Companies are suggested to comply with the Food Labeling Standards [2] as well. The author also found that this system didn't apply to all the food types, such as dietary supplements, after trying it out. Overall, the "Food Label Bot" does provide a straightforward way to help enterprises understand the necessary items on the label for each product, though; more details need to be added if the authority intends to provide a one-step automatic labeling system. ChemLinked will consistently pay attention to the "Food Label Bot" system's updates and keep our readers informed.

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