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Baby Food market in China: What’s in the box?

The subject of this article is baby food market in China and consists of 3 sections: the first one is a market analysis according to product categories, different age spans and geographic origin of customers. The second part will deal with the purchasing channels of baby food products and give some advice on this, while the third part lists relevant regulations.
Part One: A highly differentiated market

In the few years, baby product sector in China experienced an outstanding market diversification, product differentiation and expansion of customer base. The most important consumers are the generations born after 1980 and 1990, and this is why manufacturers and sellers, apart from fulfilling safety and health needs, need to develop successful strategies to attract them. As a consequence of changes to China’s 1 child policy, baby nutrition is the fastest growing sector in this market, offering brilliant future investment potential. However, we can no longer rely only on organic products and new brand names to drive this growth; we should focus more on product concept innovation and upgrading the customer base. Before we do so we should first get acquainted with some contemporary trends and this is why some of the data presented by CBN Data in their “Big Data Report on Online Baby Nutrition Consumption Trends” is so rel evant for us.

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