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Bottled Meal Replacement Milkshake Growing into a Prominent Sector in China

In China’s growing meal replacement market, the bottled milkshake is a prominent segment. In 2018, bottled milkshakes sales increased more than 700 times which might be attributable to their portability and balanced nutrition. Newly established bottled milkshake meal replacement brands have sprung up in the Chinese market, with WonderLab standing out for its excellent sales performance.

The meal replacement market is developing vigorously both at home and abroad. According to Euromonitor data, the global meal replacement market reached US$66.16 billion (462.33 billion yuan) in 2017, of which the United States reached US$24.6 billion (171.9 billion yuan), and the United States is expected to see a market size of US$30 billion (209.64 billion yuan) in 2022. Despite the late start of the Chinese market, the size of China's meal replacement market has already reached 57.17 billion yuan in 2017 and is expected to reach 120 billion yuan in 2022.

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