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NHC Publishes the 2nd Batch of 2019 Food Safety National Standards Project Plan

  •   4 Sep 2019
  •    Jocelyn Sun
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    • Standards for nutrition and special dietary food, specifications of nutritional fortification substance such as ARA, DHA are planned to be revised/formulated.
    • Totally 23 standards are included in this plan, 18 out of them are proposed to be formulated.

    On Sept. 2nd, 2019, China's National Health Commission (NHC) released the 2nd batch of national standards revision and formulation list[1], including 8 items for nutrition and special dietary food and 15 standards for specifications of nutritional fortification substance. So far, a total of 80 national standards related to food safety are listed in the 2019 legislation scheme (including 57 items issued last time[2]).

    Earlier ChemLinked has reported that compared to the draft version, some standards are removed from the consultation draft[3]. But according to the latest announcement, those 23 standards removed are actually included in the second batch.

    Details of the legislative plan (2nd batch) are:

    S/NProposed standard nameRevise/
    Standard for nutrition and special dietary food (8 items)
    1Buckwheat and its productsFormulate
    2GB 13432-2013 National Food Safety Standard – Labeling of Prepackaged Foods for Special Dietary Uses [4]Revise
    3GB 24154-2015 National Food Safety Standard – General Rules of Sports Nutrition [5]Revise
    4Nutritional Supplementary Food for Moderate and Severe MalnutritionFormulate
    5Nutritional Supplementary Food for Tuberculosis PatientsFormulate
    6Nutritionally Complete Formula Food for Intractable EpilepsyFormulate
    7Nutritionally Complete Formula Food for SarcopeniaFormulate
    8Nutritionally Complete Formula Food for HepatopathyFormulate
    Specifications of nutritional fortification substance (15 items)
    9Nutritional Fortification Substance 5’- Uridine MonophosphateFormulate
    10Nutritional Fortification Substance Electrolytic IronFormulate
    11Nutritional Fortification Substance 5’- Pyridoxal PhosphateFormulate
    12Nutritional Fortification Substance All-trans RetinolFormulate
    13Nutritional Fortification Substance Iron PorphyrinFormulate
    14Nutritional Fortification Substance Ferrous CarbonateFormulate
    15Nutritional Fortification Substance L-lysine AspartateFormulate
    16Nutritional Fortification Substance Galactooligosaccharide (GOS)Formulate
    17Nutritional Fortification Substance Yeast β-GlucanFormulate
    18Nutritional Fortification Substance Magnesium L-ThreonateFormulate
    19Nutritional Fortification Substance 6S-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate CalciumFormulate
    20Nutritional Fortification Substance Vitamin K2 (Fermentation)Formulate
    21Nutritional Fortification Substance Arachidonic Acid Oil (ARA)Revise
    22Nutritional Fortification Substance ‎Docosahexaenoic Oil (DHA)Revise
    23Nutritional Fortification Substance EDTA Ferric Sodium SaltRevise


    Reference Link

    [1] NHC Announcement, 2nd Batch List
    [2] China's NHC Issues 2019 National Food Safety Standard Project Plan (1st Batch)
    [3] NHC Announcement, Consultation Draft
    [4] GB 13432-2013 Labeling of Prepackaged Foods for Special Dietary Uses
    [5] GB 25154-2015 General Rules of Sports Nutrition

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