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Top 8 Food Market Trends for 2022 After a special year of 2021, the Chinese food industry welcomes a new year. What will happen in 2022? Which category will be a hit? Which trends food companies should follow? This article is ChemLinked’s answer to these questions.
ASEAN Harmonised Standards and Requirements for Health Supplements Since 2004, ASEAN, with the support from the ASEAN Consultative Committee for Standards and Quality Traditional Medicines and Health Supplements Product Working Group (ACCSQ TMHS PWG) has been working on the harmonisation of Health Supplement standards and requirement. The harmonisation has finally comes closer to completion following the recent ACCSQ TMHS PWG meeting held in November 2020, where it has been agreed for the finalisation of ASEAN Agreement on Health Supplements. The finalised ASEAN Agreement on Health Supplement will be submitted to the Senior Economic Official Meeting (SEOM) for signing by the ministers by end of 2021. Implementation of the Agreement will be thereafter.
Japan Releases the Guideline for Non-use Labeling of Food Additives (Draft) On December 22, 2021, CAA released the Guideline for Non-use Labeling of Food Additives (Draft) for public consultation. The Guideline based on food labeling standards mainly focuses on the labeling items that considered as prohibited claims.
Updated on Jan 11 | FAQs of GACC Overseas Food Manufacturer Registration, by ChemLinked Questions are divided into three types: questions met before, during and after the registration.
Indonesia Seeks Comments on the Labeling of Health Supplements On Jan. 3, 2022, Indonesia FDA (BPOM) issued a notice regarding the proposed labeling requirements of health supplements, and announced to seek public comments till Jan. 10, 2022.
[Update] More Stringent Supervision for the Labeling and Promotion of Solid Beverage in China According to the updated supervision, the proper name “solid beverage” should be obviously indicated nearby the product name of the solid beverage products. Besides, the package should indicate the warning that “this product cannot replace special food including food for special medical purposes, infant formula food and health food”.
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