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South Korea Revises Food Code

The “Foods for Special Medical Purpose” is subdivided into three categories. The viscosity of "Food for the Elderly" is specified. The Maximum Residue Limits of 59 pesticides in agricultural products are modified.

On November 26, 2020, MFDS disclosed the latest version of Food Code [1]. To meet the consumption demands of special crowds, S. Korean authority amended the requirements of “Foods for Special Medical Purpose” and “Foods for Elderly”. The main contents are specified as below:

1. Foods for Special Medical Purpose

The “Foods for Special Medical Purpose (FSMP)” refer to foods for people with chronic diseases or the postoperative in special nutritional needs. The FSMP is subdivided into three sorts: “Standard Nutritious Supplement,” “Custom Nutritious Supplement” and “Diet Management Food with Menu (Menu Food)”:

Standard Nutritious Supplement

Custom Nutritious Supplement

Diet Management Food with Menu (Menu Food)

Food Form

In forms of liquid, paste, or powder which is easy to drink or solve in water.

In form of “HMR (Home Meal Replacement)”

Ex) Boxed meal, meal kit, ...

(Find more about HMR at ChemLinked News [2])

Food Type

(1) Food for general patients to keep a balanced nutrition

(2) Food for diabetics

to keep a balanced nutrition

(3) Food for kidney patients to keep a balanced nutrition

(4) Food for intestinal disease patients to keep a balanced nutrition

(5) Food to supply calories and nutrition

(6) Food for patients with dysphagia

(1) Food for congenital metabolic disorders patients

(2) Food for infants and children

(3) Food for other patients

(1) Menu food for diabetics

(2) Menu food for kidney patients   




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