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China Feed Regulation
Apr 21, 2022
Lennie Tao
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1. Competent authority

Competent authority


General Administration of Customs of China (GACC)

  • Customs inspection, quarantine, and declaration

  • Overseas food manufacturer registration

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affair (MoARA)

  • Regulation drafting

  • Release of permitted ingredient catalogs

  • Imported pet food product registration (MoARA registration)

Local feed management authority

Market supervision

2. Market access approval

2.1 Import permit at state level

Please follow the negative and positive lists below.

Negative list:

Positive list:

2.2 Overseas manufacturer registration

Before selling pet food (also pet feed) to China, manufacturers shall get themselves registered with GACC. A list of approved manufacturers can be found here.

2.3 Inspection and quarantine

All kinds of pet food, including canned compound food, other compound food, and pet feed additives, are subject to imported plant and animal product quarantine requirements. Feed additives also need to receive imported commodity inspection according to Law on Import and Export Commodity Inspection.

2.4 Exporter and importer filing

Overseas exporters (or their agents) and importers in China dealing with pet food importation business shall log into this system and get themselves filed with GACC.

2.5 MoARA registration

According to Administrative Measures for Pet Foods, imported pet food shall get themselves registered with MoARA prior to the importation.

3. Product compliance

3.1 Product requirements

All ingredients used in pet food shall be the one permitted in Catalogue of feed raw material and Catalogue of feed additive. Sanitation requirements shall meet the rules in Provisions on the Hygiene of Pet Food. More requirements related to production, operation and use can be found in Administrative Measures for Pet Foods.

3.2 Label

Provisions on the Labeling of Pet Foods in China is the only regulation specifying the labeling requirements for all types of pet foods, such as compound pet food, pet additive premix, etc.

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