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China Meat Products Regulation
May 25, 2022
Jerry Wang
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1. Competent authority 

Competent authority


State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR)

  • Market supervision

National Health Commission (NHC)

  • National standard drafting

  • New food ingredient registration

General Administration of Customs of China (GACC)

  • Customs inspection, quarantine, and declaration

  • Overseas food manufacturers registration

2. Market access approval 

2.1 Import permit at state level 

Only meat products that passed the national assessment can be exported to China. Please refer to Catalogues of Foods Exported to China from Countries or Regions That Meet the Assessment and Examination Requirements and Conduct Traditional Trade with China for the permitted meat species and their exporting countries/regions. 

2.2 Overseas manufacturer registration 

According to the Administrative Provisions on Registration of Overseas Manufacturers of Imported Foods, overseas manufacturer registration is mandatory for all imported food products. The registration of meat manufacturers should be recommended by competent authorities in exporting countries. 

Recommended resources:

2.3 Inspection and quarantine 

Imported meat and its products are subject to imported plant and animal product quarantine requirements. However, cooked meat products such as ham, sausage, and canned meat are exempted. 

Consignees of imported meat and meat products shall apply for the quarantine license of animal and plant entry before signing trade contracts. More information can be found in the detailed instruction

Chinese government also released the detailed inspection and quarantine requirements for some products. 

2.4 Exporter and importer filing 

Regardless of food categories, overseas exporters or agents as well as importers in China shall log into this system and get themselves filed with GACC. 

To have a better understanding of China's food import procedure and supervision mechanism, please check ChemLinked online course: Regulatory Compliance and Import Procedure of Prepackaged Food in China

3. Product compliance 

3.1 Product requirements 

The national food safety standards specify the definition and technical requirements (ingredients, sensory requirements, physicochemical indicators, microorganism level, etc.) of meat products. Please refer to the corresponding GB standards for more details:

Meat products

Referenced GB standard

Cooked meat

GB 2726-2016 Cooked Meat Product

Cured meat

GB 2730-2015 Cured Meat Products

Fresh (frozen) livestock and poultry

GB 2707-2016 Fresh (frozen) Livestock and Poultry Products

3.2 Label 

With reference to Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Registration and Administration of Overseas Manufacturers of Imported Food, the registration number of registered overseas meat manufacturers should be marked on both internal and external package of imported meat products. 

In term of fresh or frozen meat, according to the Administrative Measures on Safety of Import and Export Food, the following items shall be clearly indicated on both internal and external packages:

  • Country/region of origin

  • Product name

  • Manufacturer registration number

  • Production batch No. 

Besides, the following items should be additionally indicated on the external package in Chinese:

  • Specification

  • Place of origin (specific to state/province/city)

  • Destination (shall be the People's Republic of China)

  • Production date

  • Shelf life

  • Storage temperature

  • Inspection & quarantine mark issued by exporting country/region (not necessarily in Chinese).

The labeling of processed meat (prepackaged), such as canned meat and sausage, shall follow the requirements specified in GB 7718-2011 General Standard for the Labeling of Prepackaged Foods and GB 28050-2011 General Rules for Nutrition Labeling of Prepackaged Foods

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